The Hawaiian Lomilomi massage is a traditional practice that takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

In this system of healing there is an interconnection between the physical, spiritual and the societal aspects of the person to live our authenticity in the world.  Developed centuries ago is still the traditional massage practised in Hawai’i to drive people in life balance and support them in the development of their own strength. Body, mind, spirit and natural world constitute a unity  and this unity is the centre of a deep and complete bodywork.

The treatment can have the duration of 45′, 60′, 90′ or 120` and only uses handmade organic infusions and sustainable crafted botanical preparations.

Special discount for women with financial contraints and Canarians.

My mission is to take care of the whole-person with clarity and purpose to improve its overall wellness.

Lomilomi Massage

The traditional practice, best known for long, rhythmic, flowing, dance-like strokes, mostly using forearms. The focus is on facilitating the balance through the bodywork and creating space for a renewed setting of the body. Lomilomi begins with a pule (prayer) and employs the elbows to create a rhythmic therapeutic experience.

with tailored oil / 60min – 55€ / 90min – 75€ / 120min – 95€

For neck and back

This massage goes deep on the neck, shoulders and all the back muscles system by releasing tensions. The warm oils used offer a deep relaxation and wellness and helps several problems from cervical spine to back issues.

with oil – 60min 55€

Lomi Hapai

from the 4th month

Pre and post-natal massage is a relaxing and nourishing support for future and new mothers. Helps reduce swelling and heaviness and create space promoting general well-being, relaxes and soothes the back. After childbirth, it helps to put the body back on track.

with oil – 60min 55€

Aroma Massage

Lomilomi infused with Aromatherapy modalities to create a multisensory healing experience. This treatment is beneficial to holistically address the wellbeing by using the physical and emotional effects of essential oils. The treatment starts with a consultation then includes the preparation of the botanical oils-based blend, massage and microdosis take away.

initial session – 120min 95€ / following 90€ (the 4th is free)

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology activates the body’s natural functional ability to react by stimulating the body’s organs from foot manipulation. The thoughtful touch, the stimulation of the reflex zones of organs, bones and trigger points through the use of essential oils, brings benefit to the correspondent organs of the body and to the entire individual. Alongside the massage, on request, a personal reading of the feet and morphology.

with essential oils – 60min 55€

Lomi Noho

Noho means to seated massage. It can be performed anywhere the person can sit and relax. The Lomilomi Noho massage also helps people with arthritis, frozen shoulders, tension stress headaches, restoring blood flow and circulation that can relieve pain, regulate high blood pressure and restore oxygen to the brain.

without oil – 30min 30€


Massage at your place = same price

Pack 3 x 60min = 150€
Pack 3 x 90min = 210€

GIFT CARD are also available.

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Here is the place to unwind and harmonise with the Ocean and the volcanic earth of Tenerife.