Makanani Massage & Botanical Tenerife offers a deep, systemic and complete bodywork experience enriched by potent hand crafted botanical infusions.

Makanani is the feeling and the awareness of your own inner beauty that blows up around you.  Connected with the Hawaiian holistic approach, here at Makanani, the health framework is considered the Lōkahi (unity) of body-emotions-spirit but also in harmony with the world around us, the environment (‘āina) and our social nest (‘ohana).

My offering of massage & botanical based in Tenerife is focused on guiding you into a balanced restoration, to unlock your body wisdom, to ease the energy flow and tensions while supporting your blooming journey.


Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage, Foot Reflexology, Aromatherapy, deep tissue technics, and mobilization through trained knowledge of anatomy and energetics.



Herbal talks and walks, tailored workshop of crafting high potency extracts and balms, custom products and consulting. Support and assistence for research and learning projects.



Hand crafted botanical preparations and cosmetics. From ethically wildcrafted herbs to bottle. Balms, tinctures, capsules, oil infusions, herbal blends. Organic only, no parabens.


Massage & botanical are tailored for

Release, relax and circulation

The experience leads you to a profound emotional awareness addressing issues at their roots. I met you exactly as you are facilitating your process of releasing, connection and grounding in a safe environment.

Lower back issues

Lomilomi gives strength, creates space, stretches, moves and cleans. Fluids and circulation stagnation, lower back pain, muscle stiffness, nerves sensitivity, this massage works on myofascial release with long strokes promoting joint mobility.

Stress, anxiety & emotions

Acute stressful challenges lead to increased inflammatory activity and skin reactions. Care treatments modulate affective-cognitive and immune processes by working on the parasympathetic system.

Skincare and topical wellness

The enriched formulation of oils and balms nurtures the skin with bioactive flavonoids fresh pressed through wild flowers oil infusions. After a consultation I will add at your treatment a customised essential oils mix you can take with you after.

For neck and shoulders release

Can be performed seated (Lomi Noho), wherever you are, or in the studio. It goes deeply on the neck, shoulders and back muscles releasing tension from the cervical spine to the back. Frized shoulders, headache, high blood pressure, it helps restore the oxygen to the brain.

Recovery and injury prevention

Massages help manage symptoms such as stress, pain, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance and fatigue in people who have had surgery or after long treatment reducing related symptoms and improving the quality of life.

Pregnancy (from 4th month onwards) and Postpartum

Pre and post natal massage (Lomi Hapai) is a relaxing and nourishing support for future and new moms. Helps reduce swelling and heaviness and create space promoting general wellbeing, relaxes and soothes the back. After childbirth, it helps to put the body on track.

Women’s wellness and moon cycles

Menopause, menstrual alterations, fertility or even other great life changes such as move, work change, relationships, are important steps in our path and may be accompanied by a naturopathic piano that facilitates transitions.


Vanessa is a licensed Lomilomi Massage Practitioner and certified Classic Massage Therapist. Currently she is advancing her skills through the Integrative Naturopathy School in Italy. She combines her Mediterranean herbalist roots with a grounded and trained knowledge on Hawaiian holistic approach and a solid understanding on body anatomy. She is a member of the Ahahui Lomilomi Hawai’i Association (ALH). She is from Mediterranean ancestry and speaks Italian, English and Spanish.

Her treatments are known for their excellence and awakening effect.


Wow what an amazing massage, Vanessa knows what she is doing, she works deep into the muscles removing deep blocks with beautiful Hawaiian music playing in the background and using essential oils she left me feeling amazing with an expanded aura what a beautiful soul. I would definitely recommend.

Nunca había probado un masaje Hawaiano. Vanessa me ha inspirado confianza desde el primer momento en que hablé con ella. El masaje ha sido una experiencia maravillosa y al día siguiente he notado mi cuerpo muy ligero. Muchas de las tensiones se habían disipado. Estoy muy agradecida 💖🙏

Meravigliosa, i massaggi di Vanessa sono un’esperienza di totale benessere, sensazione unica e indescrivibile! …e le creme insuperabili: naturali e straordinariamente efficaci, racchiudono i miracoli delle proprietà delle piante.

Esperienza meravigliosa, si ha la sensazione di trovarsi nella natura Hawaiana e un senso di leggerezza in tutto il corpo che ho immaginato di poter volare.

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