Learn the foundation of botanical bodycare and explore the art of herbal alchemy.

Healthcare is a fundamental human right and I believe is based on love activism and reciprocity at large. With a vision of making herbal care more accessible I love to share hands-on experience, herbal talks as well as scientific approaches and private consultations.


Here we offer immersions on crafting herbal body care preparations. Herbal medicine making has a very old tradition based on simple extractions and transformation techniques. We explore a rainbow of approaches and preparations: tinctures, balms, hydrolates, capsules, decoctions, cataplasms using oil and aloe based infiusions and wild crafted plants.

By offering this opportunity to relate differently with wild plants we want to make them more valuable and accessible.

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Herbal walks and talks

“By walking we can discover more than we seek” says R. Miur. With those experiences we will go into the field to practise plant identification and ethical harvesting. What travel the plant did to arrive, which part of the plants we should use, how to create our personal herbaria. We will connect with the wildness richness of Tenerife island.

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